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bible bowl


Hallelujah!Praise the Lord!The cherry blossoms has bloomed and are beautiful.We hope your days will be fruitful and filled with gladness too.We recently had our annual Bible Bowl on Jan 27th. Before that day, all the students were studying very hard to memorise as many bible verses as they can. Even the K3tried to recite verses by themselves.

    Some of them were nervous. Some even cried but they all did a great jobespecially K5 students who memorized with more confidence.Each students received a small token for trying and the top 3 with the most points received prizes. The K5 students hasset a good example for the younger students.For the month of Feb. We will have Junior Step English test.

   We wish the K5 students whoare taking the test allthe best. We will also have the Nations‘ Walk as well onthe 24th. Let‘s make it a successful event.

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