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Fun time/楽しい時間♪


On rainy days, we play in our classroom. This day, K-2 had time to concentrate. We gave students chopsticks, clothespins, and everyday things that they see to play with. It was a good practice for their fingers.

Chapel time / チャペルタイム

On 12 February, we had a chapel time . We had a special guest speaker, Rev.Henry Grover. He preached to our little Aijien children about God and Heaven with humor and power. We learned about God’s love for each child. Hallelujah! After the chapel time, he prayed for us for God’s blessing. We really appreciated Rev.Henry his wonderful work in the precious name of Jesus. We give all glory to God.

Jr.STEP ! Nice try

This new school year, we had English test – Jr.STEP. We practiced understanding the instructions with each grade everyday after school. On test day, each students were nervous, but they tried very hard. We are proud of them all. Students from K4 – G2 did a great job. (We are now waiting for the results).


Bible bowl(バイブルボウル)

Bible 2013年、どのお子さまにも期待に胸をふくらませた姿が見られました。ハレルヤ!毎日、わたし達に充分な祝福と恵みを与えてくださる、天の優しい神様に感謝します。新年も宜しくお願い致します♪
We have started 2013! We could see all children were looking forward to this new year. Hallelujah! We give thanks to our wonderful God who gives us many blessings and is merciful everyday.
In January, we had Bible bowl. Every morning we tried to memorize Bible scriptures. On Bible Bowl day all of the children from K1-K5 had the chance to say their verses. It was such a blessed time.
「Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105」
We pray that the God of the Bible will give each child strength to grow with blessing. Thank you.

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